Fantasy Maps : Black & White

No fantasy book is complete without a map.

These are both maps for my own projects: Captain of Fortune and The Cursed Ashtian.

Lantha is a simple map, showing where all the major cities and towns are located around the country. Valen has more detail, with roads and forests added in.


Country of Lantha – Captain of Fortune
Valen – The Cursed Ashtian
Tenaria – Aiella’s world by @sloopjonb1960

Fantasy Maps : Colored

The above maps recolored to get that nice antique feel.

Lantha_map_antiqueValen Antique


Coming Soon

Next on my to-do list will be practicing with fully colored maps and urban maps!



32 thoughts on “Cartography

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      1. Yeah Photoshop. My WordPress is usually pretty dead. I don’t post on it often and don’t have many followers. Twitter is my main social media. People usually get a hold of me there.


    1. Thank you so much, Kerry! Simon was so sweet to share because I don’t have many followers here. Fantasy is my life, and Valen is for one of my books. I lived in Japan for a couple years, and I loved being overseas. Cairo sounds really cool!

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      1. Cairo is really hot! 😁 You will soon have lots of followers if you hunt around for the blogs that interest you and make comments on them. Be picky, though, there are some strange people out there…


      1. Okay. I am surprised you haven’t done maps for your fantasy novel. Even if it were only for yourself. I normally don’t read fantasy novels, but I see you posted some sample chapters. I will give it a try. Nice talking to you. Best of luck in all of your creative work.

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